Monday, September 7, 2009

New things

The other day I found a local new age/witch shop in town. Hadn't found one before so I was really pleased. Here are two of the things I bought :)

A dreamcatcher - At my parents house we had a real big one in the livingroom and ever since I moved from home I've missed it. Plus I've had some bad dreams lately! I cleansed it the day I bought it and it's working great. When I saw it I new that that was the one I wanted.

The other thing I bought is a Chakra Bracelet, and I really love it! It's working wonders!

I hope everyone of you are doing fine, cos I am. My summerjob got prolonged and I've figured out what to do this spring, I'm going to China to learn Mandarin (the Chinese language) for a month and then I'll decide what to do next fall.

Blessed be everyone!

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  1. woah nelly awesome stuff wow china lol so far away!