Thursday, March 12, 2009

Right direction

The full moon was so beautiful last night! It gave me new insperation and strength.

I've been quite down lately because of the fact that I haven't had anything to do. And I'm a person who likes to have a lot going on. No internet, which meant I couldn't search for jobs, the book I wanna read can't be bought anymore, no insperation to draw. But that changed yesturday. I got a hold of my self and now things are starting to go in the right direction again.

I hope everything is great with all of you reading this.
Blessed be! / Nath.


  1. Welcome back to yourself--enjoy the inspiration!

  2. Yes, Like Nick has mentioned--grab yourself tightly dear! Ennui means death for the truly creative spirits!

  3. I'm glad things are look up again. I try to always make my strength count when I have some :) You never know when you're going to go through a dip again. So make this count!